Abandoned Dreams

Story of the ImageYou’re now entering Rhyolite, Nevada, a ghost town near the eastern edge of Death Valley National Park. Rhyolite is typical of the towns that sprang up out of nowhere during the Gold Rush and collapsed when the ores were exhausted. The lights went out in July 1914. In its heyday, Rhyolite’s population soared, with estimates ranging from 5,000 to more than 10,000 residents, but the lights went out in July 1914. Today, the skeletal remains of a few buildings are the only evidence of a once-thriving city. Boom and bust, dreams turned to dust.

This “view portal” that frames the image is a photograph of the ornate rim from the headlight of 1963 Chrysler Turbine automobile. I digitally removed the glass and use the rim to frame still life compositions and landscape scenes. The projections resemble the tick marks on an analog clock or meter and provide graphic tension with whatever subject I’m spotlighting in the headlamp.

Printed on specially-coated aluminum, ready to hang. No frame required.