Steam Power

Story of the ImageDuring a trip to Iceland, I saw a plume of smoke rising into the sky several miles away from the Geysir Geothermal Area. At first I thought it was another geyser or a perhaps a steam vent on steroids. But it turned out to be a geothermal rig in a field. I found the scene quite magical, like something out of a Tolkien tale. Glad I arrived when I did, because moments later the gorgeous magenta in the sky evaporated and the rising steam melded into the clouds.

The “view portal” that frames the image is a photograph of an industrial window in a renovated factory in the Chelsea area of NYC. The window provides a gateway into fanciful realms where you can explore worlds familiar and unknown, the world as is and the world reimagined.

Printed on specially-coated aluminum, ready to hang. No frame required.