Solo Exhibits

Google Display 2018-2019

Four of my images were on display in the lobby of Google’s office in Kendall Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. The prints measure four feet by four feet The images are now on display at other technology companies in the Boston area.

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Visual Musings 2018: Abstractions and Reflections

This collection of work lies at the intersection of "what is" and "what if." The art fuse photographs of natural and human-made elements into surreal and imaginary worlds, presented in print and multimedia formats. Each piece confronts viewers with mystery, suspense, and surprise as they navigate between predictable and unpredictable elements in worlds familiar and worlds reimagined.

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visual musings

H20 Extremes

This exhibit is organized around the presence, or lack thereof, of water. At one extreme, the exhibit presents images of the desiccated landscape of Death Valley. At the other, the images present water in abundance, from the coastal regions and glacial lagoons of Iceland to the micro worlds created by raindrops collecting on spider webs and vine seeds.

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Matters of Scale

This exhibit of my work is dedicated to scale as viewed through a photographer’s lens. My interpretation begins with a monumental scale that defies the imagination — a scene from the Grand Canyon — and descends to smaller mountains in Iceland. From there, a vast stretch of sky segues to a walkway in an M.C. Escher-like building. My photos continue with human scale as the guide, with a focus on people at work and people en route. Drilling down to ground level, human scale gives way to artifacts found on the street and in nature. The series concludes with an image representing the smallest scale I can see through my camera’s viewfinder — a single drop of water delicately balanced on a seed in the aftermath of a gentle rain shower.

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