I’ve written before about Gallery Twist, one of the most unconventional galleries in the area and a personal favorite. The curators, Gillian and John Ross, spend a great deal of time and energy before each show carefully arranging the art through their beautiful old house in Lexington, Massachusetts. It’s a much more natural environment than most galleries, and it really allows each piece to shine.

Their upcoming show is called “Illumination,” an un-themed exhibit aiming to bring “Enlightenment & Warmth” to the month of December. Four pieces were accepted from my “Chelsea Portal” series, which uses an industrial window I discovered in NYC’s Chelsea area as a “view portal” to frame select images. The frame changes the context of the image within, asking questions about the industrial, the digital, and humankind’s relationship with its environment.

The pieces accepted are “Trapped in a Melting World,” “Digital Divide,” “2:55” and “Reykjavik Harbor 3.” The show will run from December 2nd through January 1st at Gallery Twist (1963 Massachusetts Avenue, Lexington MA).

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