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I’m pleased that my photograph, “Around Ubehebe Crater,” was accepted into The Open Photo Exhibit, which was sponsored by Cambridge Art and juried by Boston MFA Curator Karen Haas. I’m especially honored since 172 artists from across the US submitted 650 pieces, of which 59 were accepted.

 Here’s my statement:

Covered in grey-black volcanic ash, the landscape behind Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley transports one to an alien environment unique to this area. My goal was to capture the otherworldliness of the scene by following the organic ridges that define the landforms. I also sought to capture a slight sense of foreboding as the ridges take the eye to a hidden vanishing point. The half-mile-wide crater and its smaller siblings were formed less than 300 years ago.

Digital Silver Imaging (DSI) in Belmont, MA, printed the piece on silver gelatin resin coated RC paper using a liquid process that creates exceptional archival black and white prints. DSI topped it off with a 28” x 18” custom white wood float frame perfectly tailored to the image .

The show will be on display from October 3 – 31, 2019 at the gallery in University Place, 124 Mt. Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA.

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