The Sound of Silence

“I thought this might be something you would want to photograph.”  So read the text from my friend and superb abstract landscape painter, Tanya Hayes Lee. Attached to the text was an image of a dismantled baby grand piano sitting in front of a house undergoing a gut level rehab. Even on my phone I could see that it was once a lovely instrument, now sadly mute.

I drove to the address in Tanya’s text with my gear—RRS tripod, Nikon D850, and a complement of Nikon lenses (my trusty 50mm, along with several macro lenses). I wanted to document the piano’s beauty while the weather held and before it was carted off to its final destination.

Here’s a handful of preliminary shots from a two-hour shoot.




I’ll post more shots over the summer when I have time to fully process them and pay full tribute to the piano’s grace and grandeur.

Stay tuned….

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