Recap: H20 Extremes Exhibition

For those of you who attended the reception for my “H20 Extremes” exhibition, hosted by Drinkwater’s Cambridge, many thanks. For those who couldn’t, here’s a multimedia recap (see below). The exhibition juxtaposed photos of Death Valley with images of Iceland. The extreme water part of the show concluded with images of the world as seen through a macro lens following a gentle rain shower (print and video). You can read a nice review of the show on the blog “The Secret Drawer Society.”

The most challenging element of the exhibit was the non-traditional venue: a boutique store featuring fine tailored menswear. Owner Gary Drinkwater generously supports the local art community by occasionally hosting an exhibition by an artist or photographer.

To accommodate art shows, Gary has suspended two parallel 30-foot rods from the store’s tin ceiling. On the night of the show opening, prints hang from the rods, creating an unusual viewing experience. Gary also provides wall space for artwork that can be traditionally hung. The arrangement worked out well for my H20 Extreme theme, with desert images on the left, Iceland and macro shots on the left. And, as it turned out, the black and white prints and subtle colors of my work were a perfect match for the colors and textures of the clothing in the background (see video below).

I had no idea how challenging it was going to be to put together a show like “H20 Extremes.” Many thanks to my family and friends for helping with the planning, show setup, catering and the like. In addition, hats off to Eric Luden, founder of Digital Silver Imaging (DSI), for suggesting minimalist print hangers as an easy way to hang my prints from the rods. DSI also did a wonderful job printing all the images and framing the photos showcased on the walls.  And of course, I’m deeply grateful to Gary and his wife, Teresa, for opening the doors of their beautiful store to me. I certainly know where to go when it’s time to boost my level of sartorial splendor.

Note: images from the show are available for purchase. Please contact me here if you’re interested in learning more.



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