A Salute to a High-Flying Friend and Collaborator

The moment you take a photo, you step into the composition. And if the image is successful, others will be able to do the same when they view it. The photo moves them emotionally or whisks them into the scene through their minds’ eyes.

The power of “moving people” was recently reinforced for me when my friend and collaborator, Luis Socorro, recently sent me links to several videos of his airborne expeditions.  Luis flies, but without an airplane — an avid paraglider, he’s never without his GoPro Helmet camera when he takes off. So he always captures a wonderful journey for others to experience.

When I clicked each link, I was mesmerized and could practically feel the wind smacking my face as Luis deftly rode the thermals and navigated his craft. For me, the videos resonated with a deep-seated desire that’s played out in ancient myths and modern science fiction movies alike: to be able to fly.

See for yourself as Luis takes-off and carries you aloft over Mont Yamaska, 60 minutes from Montreal, where he lives. The remains of a volcanic complex that formed 125 million years ago, Yamaska is now covered in a lush blanket of maple trees. The combination of dynamic winds and thermal currents on and around the mountain can keep experienced paragliders and hang glider pilots aloft for hours at altitudes up to 6,000 feet.


I met Luis five years ago when I was interviewing freelance motion designers and animators for my company, AuthorBytes. We needed additional help producing trailers for books. Luis fit right in and since then, has been responsible for numerous AuthorBytes multimedia productions.

Last year, I approached Luis about creating virtual camera journeys through some of the small worlds I’d been photographing and cataloging with still camera and macro lenses. The results of our collaboration were two “Micro Worlds” explorations, one of a spider’s web after a rain, the other of a patch of sweet autumn clematis:



I thought it would be a fitting tip of the hat to Luis to share his paraglider videos with our micro world collaborations in the same blog post. While watching his videos, I was flying (in my soul, anyway).

Similarly, when I watched the first cuts of our micro worlds explorations, I was a small being experiencing the vastness of a universe in miniature.

Thank you, Luis, for making this possible.

Visit Luis’ Instagram page to see more flying videos and a selection of his still photos.

Music credit for “Fête de Vol Libre MSP 2017 – 1st Flight,” “Sugarpuff” by Doverspike

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